Frequently Asked Questions

We, at NFT jazz, deal with a digital commodity which is known as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. This a relatively new digital good and rarely used so far. NFTs are unique, scarce and liquid; you can use it wherever you want in different applications. It can be used just like physical goods.  NFTs have become a major commodity now in digital world. You can use these the way you want them to use, you can even throw these without using or you can use them to buy anything or you can also gift them to your friend. To add to your excitement, we can also tell you that you can also sell these tokens in an open market just like any of your physical belongings. If you are a user with some kind of digital asset and you tokenize it, you will be able to brand it to your name. However, the actual ownership is backed and managed by block chain.

You can change the price free of transaction costs any time you want. We are flexible in this matter, you just have to sign the signature request via your wallet.

Yes you can easily gift your assets to the person you want to, as these assets are your property, you can easily transfer theses or use these assets the way you want.

Yes, royalty is offered at NFT Jazz and the procedure is fairly simple. When you are creating a collectible you will have to adjust a percentage for secondary sales. There are no cross platform royalities but you will get the percentage for your secondary sales on NFT Jazz.

Yes, we are aware of the fact that dealing with online purchases can be tricky and that is why you will be able to report collectibles also. You can go to the “details” page, click on the “…” button and select report to report a specific item.